25/03/2020 – 10:00.


Due to high demand we are one day behind with operations.

However, the dry pesach food is arriving for pick & pack at approx 5pm today. The frozen and dairy goods will be delivered next week.

Halperns have made us aware of the difficulties they and all the kosher shops have faced with with supply this year. Not only is it difficult to get supply but when they do get it the goods sell out quickly.

Therefore these are the known substitutes for goods.

  • No Delinut substituted with regular chocolate spread


  • No Egg Matzah no substitutes 


  • No Cake matzah meal substituted with fine


  • No Aviv & Yehuda Matzah substituted with a similar Israeli alternative 


  • No Marinara sauce substitution is Mishpacha Tomato Sauce 


  • No Tuna in oil substituted with tuna in water 


  • No Diet & Zero coke cans substituted with bottles


  • No other jellies apart from strawberry


Someone will call you this evening regarding payment as this is required before delivery.


Please note the receipt will not say Halperns on it.


Thank you


Yaeli Davila (& Rabbi Amir Ellituv) and the Pesach shopping team volunteers from across all the Shuls.


Donations to the Sha’are Hayim Sephardi community for this free service are more than appreciated.



24/03/2020 – 10:00.



We are living in extraordinary times, and the London Beth Din have compiled a list of foods that DO NOT need to be bought with a Hechsher in a Kosher store for Pesach.


This is applicable only for this year and will hopefully make Pesach easier for everyone when we are all struggling. Later on this week, Nachi and I will please G-d be running an online webinar on Pesach Basics: what is essential and what can we do without? It goes without saying that someone somewhere will be arranging the eingemachs for everyone!!


There may be an update from the London Beth Din before Pesach, and as ever please get in touch with me if you need any help.


With best wishes and prayers for a healthy and Kosher Pesach,


Rabbi Dovid


A hard copy is being sent in the post this week as well.

The button below is a link to an online copy of the PDF which is very clear.


Product Guidelines


17/03/2020 – 15:30.



I never believed that it would come to this, but we have reached a situation whereby for the sake of saving lives we are temporarily stopping the Minyan and Shul is shut until further notice. Tonight’s Mincha and Maariv (which will be Davenned at 5.30pm in the Shul garden), will be the final Minyan for the moment.


It pains me beyond words that people are not going to be able to say Kaddish, but if it ensures that someone else doesn’t have to G-d forbid start saying Kaddish, then it is a price that we will have to pay.


I will be Davenning by myself at home (not going to North Manchester):
Shacharis at 8am each weekday morning and 9am on Sunday.
Mincha and Maariv at 5.30pm.
Shabbat times will be sent with the weekly email.


I would like to invite you to Daven in your own homes at the same times; that way we are still Davenning together as a community. Obviously we cannot say Kaddish etc, but G-d willing this will be over soon and we will once again walk into our beautiful Shul and Daven as one.


The three daily Tefillos of Shacharis, Mincha and Maariv were composed by Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaackov. When the Torah describes their prayers, it is obvious that this was done in a private setting; one man and his Creator. The wheel of time has rolled on and we find ourselves once again standing in front of the Almighty alone. But we pray that in the words of King Solomon the wisest of all men: “this too shall pass” and before long we will have the merit to pray together once again.


With love and prayers for all,


Rabbi Dovid.