New Beginnings – Same Numbers {Noach 5777}

New Beginnings – Same Numbers

Noach 5777

I love discovering numbers and patterns, and the re-occurring themes and motifs within texts and Sedras.


The purpose of Creation, the reason why Hashem made this world, was for Mankind to live in it and make it a better place. As He told Adam in B’reishis 2:15 “he was put in the Garden of Eden, to work it and to guard it”.


Unfortunately we sort of lost our way a bit, and due to the absolute corruption of the early generations, Hashem brought the flood. But once Noach and his family exited the Ark, we were commanded to start the same job over again.


That second attempt at making this world a better place begins with a verse in this week’s Sedra (8:14) when “on the 17th day of the 2nd month, the earth dried out” {and Noach could exit the Ark to re-start our mission}.


That verse, signalling our 2nd attempt at making this world a fit dwelling place for Hashem, has exactly the same numerical value as the first verse in the Torah, when we are essentially given the job for the first time!


The Gematriyah (the value of the letters) in B’reishis 1:1 ‘In the beginning Hashem created” are identical to the Gematriyah of B’reishis 8:14. They both equal 2701!


The number itself doesn’t mean anything, but I think the fact that both verses do have the same value tells us something quite profound.


After the Flood, Noach could have been forgiven for thinking that although he had been saved, it wasn’t exactly ‘business as usual’. Were our past mistakes going to continue to haunt us, or were we free to really start afresh? Would Hashem forgive us for messing up His beautiful new world?


The answer, it seems, was Yes. We were being offered a real 2nd chance with no strings attached. The restart was identical to the first one. Mankind was once again being offered the chance to form a partnership with Hashem; to make this world a better place.


I find tremendous motivation in that. We often make mistakes and have to ask our loved ones, our parents, teachers or friends, to allow us to start over. But the restart always comes with baggage; emotional, psychological or physical which can hinder our progress. But here mankind, you and me, were told by Hashem that we were being given an absolutely clean slate; a real fresh start and new beginning.


Let us take courage from that and understand that from Hashem’s perspective each day is a real new beginning; every day we are given an opportunity the partner with the Creator of the world. Our past mistakes are behind us, so seize the day and do something positive.

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